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Counselor's Corner

3 months ago

By Kerrijo Ramey



**Please review scholarships and documents needed for each scholarship you choose to apply to.  Make sure you have all required documents before you start your applications.

 October Scholarship Opportunities:

 ·         Horatio Alger Scholarship Program – This program offers two scholarships, state and national scholarships.  Both scholarships are to assist high school seniors who have faced and overcome great obstacles in their young lives.  To be eligible you must have a GPA of 2.0 or higher, demonstrate a financial need, exhibit a strong commitment to complete a bachelor’s (4yr) degree, be involved in co-curricular and community service activities, and display integrity and perseverance in overcoming adversity.

For more information and to apply for state scholarship go to:

For more information and to apply for national scholarship go to:

 Deadline is October 25, 2019

 Award: State – up to $10,000   National - $25,000

 ·         Coca-Cola Scholarship – The Coca-Cola Scholarship application is available on-line.  The Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarship is an achievement-based scholarship.  Students are recognized for their capacity to lead and serve, as well as their commitment to making a significant impact on their schools and communities. 150 students are selected each year to receive this $20,000 scholarship. Students may not be children or grandchildren of employees, officers, or owners of Coca-Cola Companies or subsidiaries.

Apply at

 Deadline is October 31, 2019 by 5pm.

 Award: $20,000


November Scholarship Opportunities:

 ·         Hagan Scholarship  - The purpose of this scholarship is to provide each recipient with the opportunity to obtain a four-year college education and graduate debt free.  Eligibility requirements: Must have achieved a 3.75 GPA, Must have a composite score of 24 on ACT or 1150 on SAT, must enroll in a four-year college or university, must work (employed) 240 hours in the twelve months prior to the start of each academic year of college, must complete FAFSA and have EFC no more than 6500.

 Apply at:

 Deadline is November 15, 2019 by 5:00PM CST

 Award: Up to $6,000 each semester for up to 8 consecutive semesters.


January Scholarship Opportunities:

 ·         The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation - TGKVF helps students follow their educational dreams and prepare for their future careers. TGKVF administers over 500 funds and more than 100 of those are designated for statewide scholarships.  Carefully review all scholarships available, you may PICK ONLY TWO scholarships to apply to.  There is one scholarship that is specifically for Webster County High School students (J.D. Cutlip Scholarship).  You will fill out one application for both scholarships you choose to apply to. 

To apply:    (Applications will be available starting November15, 2019.

 Deadline: January 15, 2020

 Award: Varies depending on scholarship

 ·         Mensa Education and Research Foundation Scholarship – This scholarship program bases its awards totally on essays.  Consideration is not given to grades, academic program, or financial aid.  Students must write an essay of no more than 550 words.  They are to write a goal statement that includes specific information on experience or steps taken toward the goal, persuasiveness (how your past experiences/achievements and your future planning increase the probability of reaching your goal), why you think that you will succeed.  Will also look at grammar, spelling, and punctuation. The online application and your essay may be applied to more than one scholarship. 

 To apply:

 Deadline: January 15, 2020

 Award: $2500

  • United States Junior Chamber International Senate – This $1000 grant is awarded on the basis of scholarship, a personal statement outlining the applicant’s college goals, demonstrated leadership ability, financial need, and other criteria. In addition to this grant, the West Virginia Junior Chamber International Senate will award a $25.00 T Dewitt Shingleton/Stewart Howard scholarship and a Plaque to the winner.  Second place winner will receive a plaque.  Both the first and second place winners will be forwarded to the USJCI Senate Foundation for consideration for the $1000 grant.

 See Mrs. Ramey for an application

 Deadline: Completed applications must be postmarked no later than January 14, 2020.

 Award: $1000

 ·         2020 Profile in Courage Essay Contest – Write an original and creative essay that demonstrates an understanding of political courage as described by John F. Kennedy in Profiles in Courage.  Students must describe and analyze an act of political courage by a US elected official who served during or after 1917, the year of JLK’s birth.  The essay may focus on an issue at the local, state, national or international level.  Essays must be a minimum of 700 words but no more than 1,000 words.  Essays must include a bibliography of at least five varied, reliable sources.  Visit website of complete guidelines:

Deadline: January 17, 2020

 Award: 1st place - $10,000   2nd place - $3,000   Five finalists - $1,000   Eight semifinalists - $100

Scholarship Search Platforms


Fastweb!                                                      Unigo

Cappex                                                        StudentScholarshipSearch                                      Scholly

Salliemae                                                    bigfuture        

Goodcall                                                      Collegedata

Chegg Scholarships                                  startclass

Peterson’s                                                  Brokescholar

Niche                                                          Careeronestop

Scholarship portal

WV Promise Scholarship

                                                  2019-2020 Scholarship Requirements

  • Half of all credits earned must come from a WV school
  • Student must have a 3.0 GPA in their core classes and overall
  • ACT - 22 composite and 20 in each category
  • SAT - Total: 1100, math 520, and reading 530

    WCHS Dual Credit Classes

Listed below are the dual credit classes WCHS offers.  Students must meet the requirements by the college in order to take the class and receive credit. 





Grade Level

History 207

Glenville State College

3.0 GPA

Sophomore, Junior or Senior year

History 208

Glenville State

3.0 GPA

Junior or Senior year

POSC 203/Civics

Glenville State

3.0 GPA

Senior year

Spanish 101

Glenville State

Spanish I & II and 3.0 GPA

Junior or Senior year

Intro to Fine Arts

Glenville State

3.0 GPA

Junior or Senior year


Glenville State

3.0 GPA

Junior or Senior year

English 203

Glenville State College

C or higher in English 101/102 and 3.0 GPA

Senior year

Will start 2020-2021

English 204

Glenville State College

C or higher in English 203 and 3.0 GPA

Senior year

Will start 2020-2021

Quantitative Reasoning

(Math 121B)

Marshall University

3.0 GPA, Must have taken ACT or SAT

Junior or Senior year

College Algebra

Marshall University

3.0 GPA, ACT Math 19 or SAT Math 500

Senior year

Biology 104

Marshall University

3.0 GPA

Junior or Senior year

Biology 105

Marshall University

3.0 GPA

Junior or Senior year



Marshall University

3.0 GPA and Must have taken Math 121B or College Alg

Senior year

Will start 2020-2021

Human Anatomy

New River Community Technical College

Meet eligibility requirements for English 101

Junior or Senior year

English 101

New River Community Technical College

3.0 GPA, ACT Reading 17 and ACT English 18 or 250 Accuplacer English and 252 Accuplacer Reading or SAT Reading 480

Junior or Senior year

English 102

New River Community Technical College

C or higher in English 101

Junior or Senior year

Public Speaking

New River Community Technical College

2.5 GPA

Junior or Senior year

ACT Test dates 2019-2020

Test Date








Registration Deadline








Late Registration

(Late Fee Required)








Photo Upload Deadline








SAT test dates 2019-2020

Test Date








Registration Deadline